I read Sweetwater by Jason Heaton on November 19, 2023

When Jason Heaton1 writes a book, I read it. I haven’t been able to put down Sweetwater or its predecessor, Depth Charge. Heaton is unashamedly inspired by Ian Fleming and thus, his protagonist shares many tropes with James Bond, whether you like them or not. A modern day Fleming, Heaton makes a conscious effort to contemporize his book and adresses themes like mental health, eating disorders, and gender and minorities representation.

Although Heaton may have initially intended to publish this book through the traditional method, unlike with Depth Charge, he ended up self-publishing. While I don’t know the circumstances, I do know that this book was edited by a literary agent and the Kindle edition is only $2.99!

  1. Jason co-hosts a podcast called The Grey NATO that I’ve listened to on and off throughout the years. It’s great if you’re into adventure, travel, diving, driving, gear and/or watches ↩︎